Wha Daur Meddle Wi’ Me?

Who can join Clan Elliot, USA?
Any person of Scottish ancestry bearing the name Elliot in any of its various spellings, including the spouse or descendant of such person, or any person who would like to be a friend of the Clan Elliot, is welcome to join.
What is the purpose of Clan Elliot, USA?
We strive to:
• Encourage involvement in the Elliot Clan, USA
• Provide information about Scotland, Scottish Clans, families, and traditions
• Cultivate a spirit of kinship, fellowship, and friendship among all Elliot Clan members and interested people throughout the world
• Promote pride in Scottish heritage and ancestry

What are the benefits of membership?
Once you join the Society you will receive full membership in the Clan Elliot Society, USA and the parent Clan Elliot Society, Scotland; voting rights; access to the Elliot Website and Genealogy Website; periodic newsletters (The Signal Tower) from the CES USA; and our Parent society in Scotland. The newsletters will inform you of gathering information, Scottish festivals in your area and other announcements of importance to our Clan. Furthermore, it allows you to meet other Elliots with similar interests our Scottish heritage.
Memberships are individual based. All dues, lifetime memberships, gifts and donations to the organization are tax deductible under a 501(c)(3) IRS ruling, excluding the value of services and goods received.
If you are visiting this site and are outside the USA, forms may be found on the “Official ECS Website.”

What are the individual membership dues?
Annual dues are $20.00 per year for one individual. Renewals are $20.00 annually.
Membership begins on application date and receipt of payment and runs through the end of the membership year, December 31st. New members joining after June 1st will be credited for the balance of the current calendar year and for all the next year ending December 31st.
Lifetime memberships are available and based on the individual’s age.
Younger than 30: $500
Age 31-40: $450
Age 41-50: $375
Age 51-60: $300
Age 61-80: $275
Age 81-89: $175
Age 90 plus: $100

How do I join?
There are several ways to complete an application to join:
1) (Preferred) Fill out the online application by clicking the JOIN ONLINE button.
2) Complete the fillable application by clicking on the FILLABLE FORM button. Then, save a copy to send via email to the Membership Director (
3) Print an application by clicking on PRINT FORM button and mail the form (see below).
*If you are renewing a membership by check, please include your membership number on the check.

How do I pay the dues?
There are several ways to pay the dues after you SUBMIT your application:
1) PayPal
2) Enter a credit card number in PayPal (the second white button)
3) Mail a check made out to Clan Elliott Society USA with your printed application to:
Clan Elliot Society, USA Membership Director
Marianne Elliott
128 S. Main Street
PO Box 336
Mercersburg, PA 17236-9998